Sunday, November 16. 2003

Yes, it's been a long time

I never got my Tamarancho Trail Pass this year & I promise not to ever let that happen again. I visited earlier this year with SC and his lady, and another time with SC that was aborted just outta Fairfax when his rear disk seized up. We didn't know how to troubleshoot it & had to walk back to the car.

Finally, AZ & I headed up, just over one year after our last visit. I was having too much fun to take many pix (as usual). The trail rocked. We only had time for one loop, but it was tres sweet. A little wet, but in pretty good shape. The exposed roots can be a little slippery, but not as bad as I had feared. We got outta there just before it started raining.

Monday, November 4, 2002

Tamarancho double-loop: 18 miles of k/a s/t

Eighteen miles of technical singletrack on well-constructed trails that wind through an amazing diversity of Marin terrain. Tamarancho is world-class if you like challenging riding on scenic narrow trails perched high on steep canyon walls, deep redwood forests, rocky technical serpentinite, open grasslands. That's what I did yesterday (with AZ). After three weekends, I needed a singletrack fix. Bad. Well, we got it. Naturally, I was too busy riding to take too many pictures - just a few.

So, here's some pix I took in May or June when I went with TF. It was only my second or third time there, so we got lost trying to get out of Fairfax. Finally, we found the trail and one of those happy signs: "Bikes MUST Stay On Singletrack." It was a beautiful spring day and the hills were still green. Soon we stopped for some grub and TF dinked with his noisy disks. The rest of the day was happiness. There were lots of flowers and good vibes.

The riding is extreme. I would estimate a third to a half of the loop features you riding technical s/t perched over crippling drops into canyons and off steep hillsides. Falling is just not an option - kind of like lots and lots of Class V whitewater. You must be bold, focus and keep fighting. Tamarancho kicks ass. A double-loop, doubly so.

Here's a 6.2MB Quicktime slideshow of Tamarancho.