King Range - Day 1

Friday Afternoon spin from Horse Mtn Camp to Horse Mtn Ridge

King Range: west from Horse Mtn RidgeKing Range: Horse Mtn RidgeKing Range: Shelter Cove from Horse MtnKing Range: Up the CoastKing Range: Saddle MtnKing Range: Saddle Mtn Rd

King Range-view from Horse Mtn Ridge
Just a short, steep ride up the Saddle Mtn Road from Horse Mtn camp, got us to the crest of Horse Mtn Ridge. This is the view looking SW, elev ~2,400'.
The mountains come out of the ocean at a surprisingly steep angle. The King Range is (geologically) young and growing quickly.
We got on a short southbound trail toward Horse Mtn, traversing a windswept ridge mostly covered with Manzanita with a few groves of hardy fir.
An awesome view up the Lost Coast. The beach traverse along the base of the King Range is a favorite among backpackers.
Looking north at Horse Mtn Ridge and the Saddle Mtn road which climbs the ridge toward Saddle Mtn on the far left.
Looking south from Horse Mtn toward the town of Shelter Cove. Visible is an enormous slide on the seaward side of a ridge just north of town.
Another sunnier view up the Lost Coast. A dramatic meeting of a big continent and a bigger ocean.
Saddle Mtn from Horse Mtn Ridge.
Horse Mtn Ridge - taking a break on the Saddle Mtn Rd.