O'Shaughnessy Dam & Hetch Hetchy
13 Nov 2005

The downstream face of O'Shaughnessy DamWalking out on O'Shaughnessy DamO'Shaughnessy Dam: Dedication PlaqueO'Shaughnessy Dam: Decication PlaqueO'Shaughnessy Dam from river leftO'Shaughnessy Dam from river rightO'Shaughnessy Dam: Upstream faceO'Shaughnessy Dam: SpillwayO'Shaughnessy Dam: Drinking Fountain

King Range-view from Horse Mtn Ridge
The downstream face of O'Shaughnessy Dam. Eco-pranksters painted a black crack back in the 90s to create a compelling image in support of restoration. The City replaced it with a white crack.
Walking out on the dam. No bikes allowed.
The original dam's dedication plaque (1922).
The dedication plaque for the dam's expansion (1938).
The upstream face from river left.
The downstream face from river right.
The dams' upstream face. Looks like the reservoir gets pretty close to the top of the dam.
The spillway gates. Calm in this November view, it will be running wild in a few weeks when the storms come in and then in spring when the snow melts.
Drinking fountain at the center of the dam. Thirsty? No problem, courtesy of the City & County.
Hetch Hetchy is a beautiful, haunted place. Did this reservoir have to happen? On the other hand, is it really 'destroyed?'
Ultimately, Nature will take down the dam and this valley will return to it's former state.
Or... we can do it.