Hetch Hetchy Research Links

Water Measurement

CDEC Sensor Data for Eleanor Creek near Hetch Hetchy

This is CDEC sensor data for Hetch Hetchy Reservoir with link to real time flood map

Lk Eleanor Diversion Tunnel Data from USGS

USGS flow page for Tuolumne River near Hetch Hetchy

Real Time Environmental Sensors in Tuolumne County

Historic Content

Historic photos of HH dam | SF Waterworks

Here is a bibliography of Hetch Hetchy books in the Library of Congress

Here is the main index of the Conservation Movement Archives

Here is a goldmine of rare books about the Conservation Movement from the Library of Congress

Page 3 of the Museum of SF's Index featuring Hetch Hetchy


Yosemite General Management Plan: Hetch Hetchy

John Muir

I think this is one of the documents from the LOC archives (Muir's "Let's Save Hetch Hetchy")

An article about Hetch Hetchy by Muir from the Boston Weekly Transcript, 1873

An article about Hetch Hetchy by Muir from the SCB, 1908

The Writings of John Muir

Conservation Pages

Hetch Hetchy dot Org

Restore Hetch Hetchy Home Page

An article by Carl Pope about Hodel's proposal to remove O'Shaughnessy Dam