Main Eel River (Dos Rios-Alderpoint)
12-14 May 2006

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Eel River: The shore near campEel River: Camp at Island Mtn.Eel River: Sand dune campingEel River: Morning fogEel River: Breakfast crew in action!Eel River: Breakfast crew in action!Eel River: Morning fogEel River: Morning fogEel River: River level dropped overniteEel River: SunriseEel River: Camp at Island Mtn

Eel River: The shore near camp
The river exposes what lies deep beneath the beautiful oak savannah of Eel River country.
Eel River: Camp at Island Mtn
Camp at the west end of Island Mtn in Trinity County.
Eel River: Sand dune camping
At high water, good camping beaches are hard to find on the Eel. This beach features a nice level sand dune, but it's a 20ft vertical climb from the kitchen area.
On some mornings in the summer, fog, or the conditions necessary to make fog flow inland from the ocean and up the Eel River canyon for many miles.
Time to put together some breakfast.
The breakfast crew springs into action.
Fog on the opposite bank reflects a beautiful light on the kitchen.
More fog in the canyon.
The river level dropped significantly since we tied up the previous afternoon.
Sunrise on the Eel River.
Getting ready to run the last stretch to Alderpoint.