Main Eel River (Dos Rios-Alderpoint)
12-14 May 2006

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Eel River: Confluence with the North Fork EelEel River: Camp on the west end of Island MtnEel River: Sand Dune campingEel River: Sand Dune campingEel River: Beautiful pink rockEel River: Water-sculpted rockEel River: Oak savannah on the opposite bankEel River: Sculpted rock, sculpted sandEel River: Sean and Larry kicking backEel River: RickEel River: Shore near camp

Eel River: Put-in at Dos Rios
The clear, blue water of the North Fork Eel flows into the silt-laden main Eel.
Sean surveys our campsite on the west end of Island Mountain on a hot day in May.
Auryn sets up shelter on a nice, flat sand dune. The sand here is medium-dark brown mixed with lots of silt.
This is a nice area for camping. A ugly, crumbling railroad parallels the river most of the way except for these few miles on the west side of Island Mtn.
This campsite features some interesting pink-colored rock.
A common form of rock in this area is compressed, solid vocanic ash. It probably account for the siltiness of the Eel. The water sculpts it beautifully.
The Eel River countryside features beautiful oak savannahs like these. The grass doesn't stay green for long.
Sculpted rock and sculpted sand
Sean and Larry enjoying an early take-out and a long, relaxing afternoon before dinner.
Rick is a seasoned boater, a good trainer and had lots of stories to tell.
The river exposes the bones of the mountain.