CANYON 2000 ~ Video clips

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Day 1 - Lee's Ferry (mile 0) to Badger Creek (mile 8)

We're on the river!

Featuring: Put-in at Lee's Ferry, floating under the Navajo Bridge, pulling into Camp 1 at Badger Creek.
(5.1 mins, 17.4 MB)

Day 2 - Badger Creek (mile 8) to 24 1/2-mile Rapid (mile 25)

Good morning, Canyon.

Featuring: Badger (Camp 1), scenes from on the river, a blue heron and a small group of bighorn sheep.
(5.6 mins, 14.8 MB)

Day 3 - 24 1/2-mile Rapid (mile 25) to Nautiloid Canyon (mile 35)

Good morning, again.

Featuring: Morning scenes from on the river.
(3.5 mins, 10.2 MB)

Silver Grotto

Try climbing on wet, gritty polished terrazo & you get an idea of Silver Grotto. Oh, and red mud holes, too. The layered limestone was hard and slick. Eons of flash flooding have carved out this surreal spot on the Canyon.
(3.3 mins, 8.8 MB)

Silver Grotto 2

More clips of us negotiating the slickrock inside Silver Grotto. Or, in some cases, not negotiating it.
(7.25 mins, 13.4 MB)

Anasazi Ruins

We visit the site of an ancient Anasazi camp, view some petroglyphs.
(4.6 mins, 11.6 MB)

Vasey's Paradise

Since Marble Canyon is actually made of limestone, the area is riddled with underground rivers and caves. Vasey's Paradise is a well-watered spot beneath the outlet of one subterranean river.
(1.9 mins, 4 MB)

Day 4 - Nautiloid Canyon (mile 35) to Nankoweap (mile 53)

Long day ending at Nankoweap

Featuring: Lots of planned miles (to make up for our side trips), flat water, triple-digit temperatures and a strong upcanyon wind combined to make this a long, tiring day. The beautiful cliffs at Nankoweap made everything seem all better, again.
(3.1 mins, 5.7 MB)

Day 5 - Nankoweap (mile 53) to Carbon Creek (mile 64)

Our last day in Marble Canyon

Featuring: Morning in Nankweap (Camp 4), river scenes, swimming & mudding in the Little Colorado River.
(5 mins, 9.4 MB)

Carbon Creek camp

Scenes from our first camp in the Grand Canyon.
(3.8 mins, 5.8 MB)

Day 6 - Carbon Creek (mile 64) to Furnace Flat (mile 72)

No video clips for Day 6.

Day 7 - Furnace Flat (mile 72) to Cremation Creek (mile 88)

We enter Upper Granite Gorge

Featuring: We scout Hance Rapid, a dory runs it, scenes from Upper Granite Gorge. The noise is the stiff up-canyon wind that develops each afternoon.
(2.75 mins, 6.4 MB)

Day 8 - Cremation Creek (mile 88) to Hermit Creek (mile 95)

We pay a visit to Phantom Ranch

Featuring: A hike past campsites and cabins to the general store/post office.
(4.8 mins, 15.8 MB)

We run Horn

Featuring: We scout and run Horn, a scary little drop. Then we have lunch.
(4.5 mins, 12.6 MB)

Day 9 - Hermit Creek (mile 95) to Shinumo Creek (mile 109)

We run Hermit, scout Crystal

Featuring: Good morning, time to run Hermit. But wait, there's more. Two miles downstream is the infamous Crystal.
(4.9 mins, 15.5 MB)

Day 10 - Shinumo Creek (mile 109) to Mile 122 Creek (mile 123)

We visit Elves Chasm, pt 1

Featuring: Scenes from the deepest part of Grand Canyon. We start up the side canyon toward Elves Chasm
(4 mins, 17.3 MB)

We visit Elves Chasm, pt 2

Featuring: Finally, we reach Elves Chasm. Delton climbs up into the waterfall for a jump into the pool 10 feet below.
(3.7 mins, 10.5 MB)

Day 11 - Mile 122 Creek (mile 123) to Tapeats Creek (mile 134)

We enter Middle Granite Gorge

Featuring: Vishnu schist in Middle Granite Gorge & a carved rock formation called "Dolls House."
(5.1 mins, 13.9 MB)

Scenes from our camp at Tapeats Creek

Featuring: A wild turkey, setting up camp, Chris gets a shampoo with Steve's help, Willis helps gather wood.
(4.5 mins, 11.6 MB)

Day 12 - Tapeats Creek (mile 134) to Kanab Creek (mile 144)

Up a creek without a paddle

The plan was to hike up Tapeats Creek, pick up a trail to Thunder River, an underground river that emerges from a cliff forming a dramatic waterfall. Then, we would traverse the canyon to Deer Creek and meet up with the rest of the party, who will boat down from Tapeats. Bad news: Tapeats Creek was running too high to hike. Good news: we got back to the boats before they departed.
(1.25 mins, 3 MB)

We visit Deer Creek

This hike had it all. A beautiful waterfall, a thrilling hike along exposed ledges into a deep, carved canyon, and a beautiful upstream basin with traces of ancient settlement.
(4.4 mins, 11.9 MB)

More Deer Creek

Above the canyon, the basin broadens and Deer Creek meanders through Cottonwood groves.
(2 mins, 8.2 MB)

Day 13 - Kanab Creek (mile 144) to Mohawk Canyon (mile 172)

We visit Havasu Canyon

This was a big moving day, so we could not spend as much time as we would have liked to explore beautiful Havasu canyon. The water had a turquoise tint to it, an interesting color combination as it sloshed down the pink limestone canyon.
(4.7 mins, 9.2 MB)

Day 14 - Mohawk Canyon (mile 172) to 192 Mile Canyon (mile 192)

L A V A F A L L S (10)

The mother of all rapids. The drop by which all other North American drops are compared. It was as fearsome-looking as they said. It looked unrunnable, but it ain't.
(5.2 mins, 13.8 MB)

Day 15 - Layover at 192 Mile Canyon

No video clips on Day 15.

Day 16, 17, 18 - 192 Mile Canyon (mile 192) - Diamond Creek (mile 226)

Winding down

After Lava, the river was pretty much a float for the remainder of the trip. The bigwater stresses were gone and we were starting to look forward to going home.
(5 mins, 9.5 MB)

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