Site status, 9/10/01

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Day 1 done in production
Day 2 done in production
Day 3 done done done done done
Day 4 done in production
Day 5 done in production
Day 6 done in production
Day 7 done in production
Day 8 done in production
Day 9 done in production
Day 10 done in production
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Day 18 done in production

September 10, 2001

Finished the Day 3 slide shows

August 6, 2001

Here is the status of the site. I created the base mosaics by tiling images gathered from ARIA and TerraServer. I created all other graphics EXCEPT for the Pringles logo. The Day 3 slideshow pictures are from Teresa Bria and myself. I wrote the journal for Day 3. I am still trying new things, so the site is slowly evolving in this early stage. I plan on making the buttons toggle features (milestones, campsites, elevatations,etc) instead of just pointing the browser to an anchor. The site requries some exploring to find links to journals and other content, so move your pointer around. I welcome any content you would like to share. Please email me for information.

A note about the maps: Since this is a river journal, I wanted to present maps that give the impression of going downstream. To me, that means that "river left" is on the left side of the map, "river right" on the right. That in turn requires the map user to start from the bottom of a map and move up. Such is the case in this site. All pages should open at the bottom with the navigation bar visible at the bottom of the browser window. Go UP to move DOWNstream. Each page has a compass direction to orient the map. If you connect via dialup, please give the pages a couple of mintues to load.

A note about the slideshow: On slower connections, the slideshow can hang and the browser may indicate one or more "missing images." Usually, it will unhang, but if you're impatient, hit the "Pause" button and the "Play" button to restart. If you see a "missing image," pause the slideshow, right-click the image (click-hold on Mac) and reload the image. Then hit the "Play" button to restart.

I make infrequent updates, so if you use Internet Explorer you can set a subscription or tell me you want to know about updates and I will send you a message when I make a significant addition.

In the above table, "done" means I don't plan on making any changes. "In production" means I have posted something, but am tweaking with it.