Slide show 1 - Pre-ride to Pine Mountain

We like to start at Lagunitas Creek within S.P. Taylor state park and head southeast, upstream to the Kent Reservoir Dam, then up a steep grade to San Geronimo ridge (with lots of ups and downs) which tops out at Green Hill (!.800'). From there, we pass through a rugged area of serpentine, forested with low Sargent Cypress to the saddle betweem San Geronimo Ridge and Pine Mtn.

Slide show 2 - Pine Mountain to Alpine Reservoir

The ridgetop is pretty level between San Geronimo Ridge and Pine Mtn., with more rugged serpentine sections. After passing to the east of Pine Mtn, we catch the Oat Hill Trail and a long traverse with gradual descent on a ridgetop to the east and south of Pine Mtn. Then down the steep Shafter Grade to Lagunitas Creek. After that, a pleasant, level trail upcanyon romp to Alpine Reservoir's dam.

Slide show 3 - Bolinas Ridge

After crossing the dam, we climb the Bolinas Ridge using Bolinas-Fairfax Road. After a 3-mile climb, we reach the top. During the summer, as the fog blows over the forested part of the ridge, the trees catch the moisture and it falls like rain. It's a fog forest. On the ridge traverse, the southern half is forested, and the northern half is open, rolling country. West Marin has traditionally been dairyland, and it still is, even though it's part of Golden Gate Recreation Area. The forested part is a mudbath in the summer, not an easy feature to find in the Bay Area. After the forest, the views open up and on a clear day, one can see Inverness Ridge to the west, Tomales Bay to the northwest, and Bodega on a clear day. Near the "town" of Jewell, we turn east and go downhill to Lagunitas Creek and a nice, easy ride through a redwood forest back to the car. Ridge