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Rafting the Eel River (May'06)
So far, 2006 is looking like a huge runoff year with some opportunities for late-season runs on free-flowing rivers. The Eel is usually an early-season run, but on the 2nd weekend in May, it was running between 4,000 and 5,000 cfs. I was there and it was nice.

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Bolinas Ridge
Eel River
El Corte de Madera
Grand Canyon:

Half Dome
Hetch Hetchy
King Range
Klamath River
Sierra High Route
Upper Salt River
White Mountains

Swell Maps

Boggs Mountain Map by AZ


Another segment of the Sierra High Route (Feb'06)
Plenty of rainy days this winter to scan some slides. Here is the 4th segment of the SHR: Horseshoe Meadow to White Pass.

Hetch Hetchy Valley/O'Shaughnessy Dam (Nov'05)

We had a long Indian Summer, and Yosemite was beautiful in mid-November. Great fall color this year! On the way back home, I drove to Hetch Hetchy to take some snapshots - and feel the haunted vibes of this place.

I also have a short history of San Francisco's water development and links.

King Range singletrack (Oct'05)

After two very wet prior visits to Humboldt, I timed this trip just right for perfect backcountry cycling weather. Total vertical in four days: close to ~12,000'.

The Lost Coast
King Range Singletrack

River touring on the Upper Salt River (May, 2005)

Pictures from a late spring run on Arizona's Upper Salt River.

Sierra High Route (May2, 2005)

More of the Sierra High Route. The third segment is Goat Crest to Horseshoe Meadows.

Coming soon -- pictures from the Upper Salt River in Arizona. I'm boating it!
Sierra High Route (Apr 12, 2005)

Another installment is finished. Grouse Lake to Goat Crest is the second part of the SHR's 1st section, Kings Canyon to Dusy Basin.

Sierra High Route (Feb 20, 2005)

About 10 or 15 years past, I hiked a section of the Sierra High Route, a Higher Sierra & mostly cross-country version of the John Muir Trail. The route is described by Steve Roper in "Timberline Country: The Sierra High Route."

Those were in my pre-digital days (I preferred 35mm slides) and I took 10 rolls of 36-exposure Kodachrome & Ectachrome. These images have been sitting in a box for a long time, displayed infrequently over the years for (I hope not bored) guests after dinner.

Now, with the help of TF's slide scanner, I have digitized them and am slowly putting together a High Route report.

Here is the section that I have completed. It is the first

Below is a mosaic of the confluence of the Middle & South Forks of Kings River and the Monarch Divide that separates them. The first part of the High Route is a traverse of Monarch Divide.

Sailing on San Francisco Bay (Oct 17, 2004)

Today we celebrated TF's big 40th birthday along with the 15th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake with a sailboat ride on San Francisco Bay.

We started in Sausalito at Cass's Sailboat School & Marina on the shore of Richardson Bay. The weather was unsettled, the official 1st day of the rainy season this year. Wind gusts up to 50 knots, drizzle, even a strange horizontal rainbow at the horizon. From Cass's, we tacked straight over to Alcatraz, where we came about and started a downwind tack toward Angel Island.

There was enough of a chop for me to feel seasick, especially on that downwind tack. Soon, we were at Angel Island's eastern side, protected from the wind. We saw dozens of harbor seals, poking their heads up out of the calm water every 200 feet -- like prairie dogs.

While passing into Racoon Strait just north of Angel Island, we decided on a Tiburon tequila run at Sam's bar. Good tequila cures seasickness -- I was ready for another bay crossing. But sadly, we had to head back to Cass's. It was just as well, the weather was getting even worse and the party was at Scoma's -- folks were waiting.

Here's some pics

Hiking in Yosemite: North Dome / Mt Hoffman (Aug 28-29, 2004)

Accessible and awesome -- with the Tioga Road as our starting point for both days, we hiked to North Dome (7,500') on Yosemite's north rim on Saturday and climbed Mt Hoffman (10,850') on Sunday. Both hikes were relatively short and easy.

Saturday was tough for me - we just drove up from SF and started hiking about noon. On the hike back, I got pretty tired. On Sunday, I felt better and the climb up Hoffman was very enjoyable.

The weather was perfect and we hiked in shorts both days.

Hikers for Saturday: Dieter, Sean, Mark
Hikers for Sunday: Same as Saturday plus Tom

Downieville Mountain Bike trip report (Jy 17, 2004)

Primo technical singletrack in the Sierra Nevada. Downieville is a little Gold Rush town tucked in the canyon of the North Yuba River in Sierra County. There are some wonderful trails in the area, but since we only had two days, we only did the Big Boulder Trail on Saturday and the Butcher Creek Trail on Sunday.

Here's my report on the Big Boulder Trail.

Grand Canyon Videos (M18, 2004)

My rafting friend Paulie has graciously allowed me to feature videos he took during our Grand Canyon rafting trip back in Oct.'00. I downloaded the DV from his camera and put the mpeg clips together using iMovie. Not super-pro, but good enough. It's a fun, easy app to use -- full-featured and free! These mpegs range in size from 5-15MB, so broadband is recommended.

Also, check out my (yet unfinished) journal of the trip. I just need to get a decent slide scanner and I'll wrap it up. (I didn't go digital until 4/02.)

White Mountain Journal

Moutain biking at 14250' (4342m) -- in California. Been there. Done that . Check out my White Mountain journal and start making plans to visit this incredible place.

Half Dome

Yes, it's been a long, wet winter. (Lots of time to make slideshows.) And it was a long, fun summer. Before the Whites, I day-hiked Half Dome via the cable route on a crowded Saturday in July. Check out this slide show of the hike, the Mother Of All Dayhikes

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